BARCO E2-R9004698

Référence : SYSGESTB E2 Catégories : ,

Système de gestion d’écrans 2K/4K 28 IN / 8 Pgm / 4 Auxs/ 4 Mvw Entrées vidéo : 28 inputs via 8 input cards (Event Master series cards)Up to 8 x 4K inputs – each input card supports up to 4K@60p
8 x SD/HD/3G SDI (6G ready)
8 x HDMI 1.4a (297 Mpix/sec max)
8 x DisplayPort 1.1 (330 Mpix/sec max)
4 x Dual Link DVI (330)
Sorties vidéo : 14 outputs via 4 output cards (Event Master series cards)Up to 3 x 4K outputs – each output card supports up to 4K@60 p
4 x SD/HD/3G SDI (6G ready)
8 x HDMI 1.4a (297 Mpix/sec max)
2 x HDMI 1.4a for Multiviewer (297 Mpix/sec max)
Sortie programme : 4 program outputs configurable as single screens or tiled/blended widescreensConfigurable from 4X 2048X1200@60 max to 1 x 4096×2400@60 max
Independent edge blending/feathering control for all four sides
Sorties aux converties : User definable from 4 x 2048×1200@60 to 1 x 4K@60 Output color correction
Mixeurs :
Native resolution background mixer per output screen
Independent layer transitions or full Preview/Program transition
Flexible layer allocation – up to 16 mixable or 32 single scalable PIP/key layers assignable to Program output screens
Effets de couches :
Borders (hard, soft, halo) and drop shadows
Color effects
Strobe, H&V flip
Luma key
PIP moves via Keyframes
Contrôle :
Event Master screen management software for PC or MAC
Ethernet RJ-45, 1000/100/10 Mbps autosense